Krysten Callina, Owner and self-proclaimed “Princess of Power”, created Mastermind Adventures to fill a need within her own family. “My son has high functioning autism and when he was younger, he didn’t like sports at all. We needed to find a way to keep him connected and socialized in a way that was interesting to him.”

Krysten and her husband began with a weekly Nerf Wars Group, which then snowballed into a literature program for homeschooled children. In the beginning, Krysten and her husband were volunteering their time, she says “EforAll is what made it a business instead of a hobby.”

“EforAll showed us the value of what we do. We have multiple customer segments right now. At first, it was just parents, now it’s consulting and curriculum development. We’re also running a program in Missouri. EforAll is the best decision you can make for your business. It is more than just a program, it’s a family and a support system.”