New Reveal is an eco-friendly power washing company located on the Cape. When Fitzroy Jarrett first started the business, he offered power washing and painting services, two skills he’d learned from his dad while growing up. There were too many painters to compete against, and Fitzroy was on the verge of losing his business when he heard about EforAll. 

During the Fall 2019 Accelerator Program, he realized he needed to pivot to survive and decided to focus on the power washing services. According to Fitzroy, “I knew how to do the job, but I needed structure for my business. EforAll brought that to me, and I learned a lot!”  He says his favorite part about the EforAll program was the connections he made with the cohort and mentors. 

Despite the pandemic, his business did well in 2020. It was his best year in business ever,  which he credits to people spending more time at home and wanting to take on neglected projects.