Kiar Holland and Charlie Nadler founded Laugh Dealers in 2018 to offer ghostwriting services, mainly for speakers at weddings and conferences. When the pandemic halted all in-person events, their business took a big hit, and they realized they needed to pivot.

Charlie heard about the EforAll Berkshire County’s pitch contest through his wife, who encouraged him and Kiar to apply. At the virtual Pitch Contest, they learned about the upcoming Fall 2020 Business Accelerator and thought it would be the perfect tool to help them with the changes they were about to face. “We needed to learn how to sell our services, to get our name out there,” said Kiar.

As the pandemic left them tremendously isolated, they welcomed meeting weekly with their cohort and mentors online. “What’s nice about EforAll is that you have these allies that will give you feedback in a way you can workshop your business,” said Charlie. 

With the help of the EforAll team and what they learned in class, Laugh Dealers changed its offer and now produces virtual comedy shows for companies as well as custom comedy content and impersonations.  After graduating from the program, they’ve done four corporate shows and gotten hundreds of leads from an online marketing campaign using the award dollars from EforAll. 

Instagram: @laughdealers