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How Cisco supports entrepreneurship today and every day

An inclusive future is one in which everyone has a path to economic opportunity. To do this, we must provide people with equitable access to the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to support themselves and their families toward long-term resilience and economic security. A big part of this is investing in entrepreneurship. Through our social investments, Cisco aims to support both micro- and small-business entrepreneurs as well as startup entrepreneurs who create jobs and contribute to community development and economic growth.

Accelerating economic and social impact

Cisco Foundation Economic Empowerment Portfolio grantee, Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), is an innovative nonprofit organization with a mission to accelerate economic and social impact on communities nationwide through inclusive entrepreneurship. The power of their model is clear: EforAll’s highly diverse alums are starting a wide range of local businesses, creating jobs, and stimulating community-level economic development.

Charu Adesnik shared, “Cisco is a proud supporter of EforAll in their work to replicate their model to other U.S. cities, scale to reach more people, and empower more aspiring entrepreneurs.”