Ysoaps creates artisanal soap and skin-care products for all skin types. Its founder, Yashira Perez, always liked skincare products but started making her own after learning that several of her favorites included harmful chemicals. It began as a hobby but Yashira decided to turn it into a business after all the interest from friends and family.  

She heard about EforAll from a friend who graduated from the Accelerator Program a year before and told her “You have to do it! They are going to help you to figure out everything you need!”  Once in the South Coast Accelerator Program, Yashira was excited to learn how to put a business plan together and work on her financials. She says, “EforAll changed my life. It was great being part of a group of entrepreneurs, learning together, and supporting each other. My mentors were fantastic and helped me understand how to apply what I’ve learned in class to my business.”

Since completing the program, Ysharia has doubled her sales and is working on increasing her social media presence. She has high expectations for Summer 2021 and hopefully being able to do pop-up events again.

Facebook: /ysoapsnb                                                Instagram: @ysoaps_nb