In 2020, A.a.Ron Myers and Ed Word Galan, a dynamic duo who share a love for music, dancing, and community building,  were looking for a safe and fun way to gather people together with music. They founded A Trike Called Funk, a mobile musical marketing vehicle that amplifies local businesses while supporting local artists.

Without a business background, the Roxbury Summer 2021 Business Accelerator seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to learn how to scale their business and get more customers. A.aRon recalls: “We were looking forward to the mentorship and the networking to make our business profitable.”

Ed Word said that the program structure helped him get more organized and accountable, thinking about the big picture and taking the steps needed to reach goals. Having the encouragement from their peers, mentors, and the EforAll staff was invaluable and extremely inspirational. “We received great advice that helped us avoid some pitfalls and time sinks.”

A Trike Called Funk is looking forward to a fantastic spring season. They have planned a series of eighteen engagements with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and fourteen events with the Main Street Organization in Boston over the next two months! 

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