Patrick Cassidy has been fishing on the Cape for about 30 years, first as a visitor and ultimately as a full-time resident. He used to take family and friends out fishing and always thought about having a charter business on the side. In 2019, with his wife’s support, he decided to pull the trigger and quit his job to launch his business full-time.  

Patrick already knew about EforAll from his previous job as a writer for Cape Cod Times so he knew the Fall 2019 Cape Accelerator Program could help him navigate the things he was worried about when opening a new business.  “Interacting with people who are in a similar mind space, taking a leap, and seeing what’s going to happen, was my favorite part about being in the program.”

With his cohort and mentors’ support, he got his business ready for the 2020 summer tourist season, challenging as it was due to COVID-19.  And he found that Cape Cod on the Fly was able to do well as people were eager to get outdoors and weekenders moved to their second home on the Cape. He led more than 120 fishing trips in 2020 and expects to hit 150 in 2021.  

Facebook/Instagram: @capecodonthefly