Charles Luster has always been passionate about helping his community and bothered by the amount of food waste in the US when so many kids go to bed hungry every day. After studying hydroponics, he saw an opportunity to put together two passions and be part of the solution.  He founded 2gether We eat, a non-profit that provides food, education, training, and employment using hydroponics to help fight the food crisis in food deserts across our communities. 

He participated in an EforAll Pitch Contest, and although he did not win any money that night, he got the feedback he needed from the judges to know that his business idea had real potential.  He decided to apply to the Winter 2021 Greater Worcester Business Accelerator to get a better business foundation. 

His favorite part of the program was bonding with the other entrepreneurs in his cohort and sharing ideas. “During the pandemic, the cohort became my family. I looked forward to the classes, to see new ideas and share.”  He said his mentorship experience was super helpful and that he had the best mentors anyone could ask for. “I did everything they said. They were fantastic!”

Since graduating from EforAll, 2gether We Eat has raised more than $100.000 and is working with the Boys & Girls Club, the YWCA, daycare centers, and a housing complex in the Worcester area.  And in collaboration with the Worcester Common Ground, he is launching a greenhouse rooftop hydroponic farm to fight hunger, one seed at a time. 

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