Sammy Ops is a mobile app-based end-to-end fleet management platform that delivers better visibility, accountability, and optimization for mixed fleets. After facing challenges in managing fleets in the past, Asit Goel saw an opportunity to create something focused on mid-size and small businesses that didn’t require software development and installation.

When he heard about the Summer 2019 Accelerator in Roxbury, Asit thought it was the perfect timing and decided to apply. He was looking forward to the networking as he had recently moved to the Boston area. “When you’re starting a business, most of the time, you feel like you’re on an island. You might have a good idea about the problem you want to solve, but it always helps to have resources behind you. I saw EforAll as a great opportunity for me to learn from others and understand how I would navigate that journey.”

Asit found his EforAll mentors complemented the skills he had and supplemented the ones he didn’t have.  “They were very supportive and asked me hard questions that made me think about ideas I wasn’t very comfortable with.”

Today, Asit has launched his business and already has five employees. He’s working to roll out a fully digital platform so customers can engage with his business without any in-person contact due to COVID-19.