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ezra bleau nahbrews

Entrepreneur Capitalizing on Growing Market for Nonalcoholic Beverages

Ezra Bleau decided to stop drinking at the advice of his doctor after experiencing some medical issues.  He immediately felt better but he definitely missed the taste of craft beer!  He identified a need in the marketplace for someone to help folks more easily find good non-alcoholic beverage options. And so he founded NA Brews, an e-commerce operation that would offer online retail sales of non-alcoholic beer, spirits, and wine selections.

When he learned about the Holyoke Winter 2021 Business Accelerator, he thought it would be perfect for helping him get his business successfully launched. Ezra says, “I was so happy when I got accepted. I was looking forward to having access to all the connections and resources EforAll had to offer!”

Although his classes were all online, he said he made good friends within the cohort. His mentors were very supportive and helped him a lot. “I never had that relationship with other people wanting me to succeed so much. They’re my team, my corner! “ 

NA Brews has been in the market for less than a year but has already received excellent media coverage, including a feature in the Boston Globe.  It is clear that Ezra has tapped into a larger trend with non-alcoholic beverages, and he is excited to take it to the next level with a new site with more features and products for sale in November 2021.