While there are many sports-related programs available for middle-schoolers in Western Mass, there are not a lot of options for kids who aren’t interested in sports. Genesis Rivera, Talya Taliaferro (on the photo with their mentors), and Tanisha A. saw an opportunity to offer something different based on their passion for art. So in 2021, they formed TG’s Clubhouse, which offers an enrichment program for middle schoolers to embrace different art forms to express themselves and feel heard. 

Without a business background, they applied to the Berkshire County Fall 2021 Business Accelerator to gain some practical business training and support. “We were terrified, but we wanted to go for it,” recalls Genesis. 

The EforAll program proved to be invaluable to Genesis and Talya. And they credit their mentors for giving them the self-confidence boost they needed to forge ahead! “They looked out for us, sending information and introducing us to new people,” said Talia. 

By February 2022, TG’s Clubhouse had more than 15 kids attending their first art session. They are hard at work planning a Spring Break session in April as well as Summer 2022 programs. “EforAll gave us the push we needed to make it real,” says Genesis. 

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