Gabe Crivelli is the founder of Fishing Friends Inc., a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching young people fishing skills. The goal is to teach kids to fish and promote character development, positive relationships, and environmental awareness. They offer a variety of programs, including “Back to Nature” fishing trips, conservation cleanups, and educational workshops that teach participants about local aquatic biology.

The inspiration for Fishing Friends came from a personal place. After losing his father and grandfather, Gabe found solace and connection in fishing. He experienced the positive impact firsthand and wanted to share it with others, especially less fortunate youth.

He applied to the Pioneer Valley Business Accelerator to learn effective non-profit management and expand networking. “I felt that EforAll could teach me a great deal about running my non-profit organization so that it may succeed in terms of volunteer base, employees, grant applications, and securing funding,” he recollects.

The guidance and expertise of his mentors not only provided solutions to specific challenges but also empowered him with knowledge and confidence. But his favorite part of the program was the networking, saying: “EforAll made me realize the importance of partnership and relationships and business. Understanding  where people are coming from and how diverse the industry is.”

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