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EforAll Launches Peer-To-Peer Support For Small Business Owners

Recognizing the importance of peer-to-peer support to small business owners facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the nonprofit Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) announced today that it is partnering with the Mansmann Foundation to provide existing businesses and nonprofits on the Cape with access to the community-based group program known as “eforever.”

As businesses nationwide look for ways to innovate and continue operating throughout the crisis, EforAll and eforever will deliver programs to support local business owners on Cape Cod. Monthly meetings will provide opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs to meet virtually or in-person to share their business experiences and learn from one another under the guidance of a trained facilitator.

“Our mission is to accelerate economic and social impact in the communities we serve through inclusive entrepreneurship,” said EforAll CEO David Parker. “Joining forces with Mansmann’s eforever program on the Cape is a natural extension of our mission and allows us to provide peer-to-peer support for local businesses – something that’s particularly critical during these challenging times but invaluable on an ongoing basis for EforAll alumni and other small business owners.”

EforAll’s approach helps under-resourced individuals successfully start and grow their businesses or nonprofits through a unique combination of immersive business training, dedicated mentorship and access to a professional network. EforAll has offered its no-cost Business Accelerator twice a year on Cape Cod since 2018, along with quarterly Pitch Contests where entrepreneurs can test a business idea in front of their community. Across all the communities that it serves nationwide, EforAll has helped more than 500 businesses get started.