Timothy Brumfield had worked as a chef for over 15 years in fine dining restaurants when he decided it was time to pursue his dream of having his business. Big Belly Barbecue catering specializes in seafood and barbecue, offering southern comfort food with a New England twist. 

He heard about EforAll Greater Worcester from a friend who’s an alum. He decided to try it as he knew everything about cooking but not much about running a successful business. 

The EforAll Business Accelerator program gave him the tools and confidence he needed to move forward. “There were so many things I didn’t know. From accounting, marketing, people skills, setting realistic goals, and just finding out who my customer is and getting comfortable talking about my business in front of an audience,” Timothy recalls. 

His favorite part about the program was meeting all the other entrepreneurs and his mentors. “They helped me transition from cooking from my house into working out of a commercial kitchen.” 

Big Belly Barbecue has taken off and is ready for a fabulous 2023, with plans to launch a food truck. “Thanks to EforAll, I have the skills and mindset for my business to grow even bigger than I imagined,” said Timothy. 

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