Diana Wall is a consultant and mentor with over 20 years of experience in organization effectiveness, leadership and culture, talent management, and human resource. Prior to consulting, Diana held positions in marketing communications and human resources at  GE and SABIC. Since spring 2021, Diana has been serving as a mentor for EforAll, having learned about the program through a friend. She was immediately drawn to EforAll’s mission of empowering entrepreneurs to succeed.

What made you want to become a mentor?

The reason my friend suggested EforAll was based on my goal to pay forward the experiences and training I received through GE and SABIC.  Working for large international companies provided me so many resources and opportunities that most smaller enterprises don’t have access to and I wanted to share that with my community. 

 Can you give us some examples of the kinds of startups you have mentored with us?

So far, I have worked with a DEI consultant, bakers, an aspiring broadcaster, and an architect.  I love the creativity and courage the entrepreneurs demonstrate, and I believe they are a critical component of economic growth for the Berkshires. 

 What is your favorite part of being an EforAll mentor?

What I love most about mentoring are the collaboration and relationships that are built, as well as supporting an entrepreneur as they gain confidence, refine their mission, and get closer to realizing their goals.    

 What do you think makes EforAll special?

To me, what’s special about EforAll is the nature of the cohort.  I hear over and over about the support and camaraderie among the group, which seems every bit as important as the curriculum. 

What advice would you have for entrepreneurs?

If I were to give advice to an entrepreneur, it would be to see things as they are, not as you’d like them to be.  It’s something I try to live by in all aspects of my life, but it’s not easy. 

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