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COVID-19 Hasn’t Slowed Down This Food Truck Startup

Nicole Ortiz is the proud owner of Crave Food Trucks, which opened in August 2020. Her delicious tacos and rice bowls made with local fresh ingredients became an instant hit in Holyoke. This business is the culmination of Nicole’s long-time fascination with food trucks which led her to culinary school to get her start. 

Like many EforAll graduates, Nicole’s first experience with EforAll was participating in a Pitch Contest where she won the 1st prize for her food truck business idea. It gave her the confidence to apply for the Winter 2020 Holyoke Accelerator Program, where one of her favorite classes was focused on finance and numbers.  Says Nicole, “It made me realize how much I could earn; it was the best thing for my business because it gave me a new perspective.”

In addition to her thriving food truck business, Nicole has also opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant that now employs ten people.  “Before joining EforAll, I had only an idea. They helped me put everything together and figure out which direction to go. I would definitely recommend EforAll to anyone who wants to open a business.”

Facebook: /cravefoodtruck                 Instagram: @cravefoodtruckma