Peter Duff of Fare and Just Kitchen is a 100% plant-based personal chef offering three-course dinners in the comfort of your own home. His mission is to educate, satiate and advocate for the vegan-committed and vegan-curious.

Before applying to the EforAll Cape Cod Accelerator, Peter lost his job of 12 years. “The timing coincided with the EforAll program. I was one of those that had been dreaming about it with my wife thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have my own cooking business?”

Peter credits EforAll with providing him with the confidence he needed to push his business forward. When asked how his business has grown since graduating, he says, “Most of it is personal growth, being more comfortable in my skin for who I am and what I do.”

Just after completing the Accelerator, Peter pursued in-home chef events. As of March 2020, Peter realized his dream of owning a restaurant, purchased Karma Foods in Brewster and is slowly transitioning the existing vegetarian menu to vegan.