The Eworkstyle Institute is a non-profit founded in 1995 by Paula and Paul Deare to provide verbal, written, and digital media communications training in the Boston region. When they moved to New Bedford in 2017, they wanted to scale back to offer small classes in digital media but were unsure if there was a need.

Reading about EforAll in the local newspaper, they realized that the South Coast Summer 2017 Business Accelerator was exactly the training opportunity they were looking for to help them pivot their business. “We were dazed by what needed to be let go and what to keep. EforAll helped us look at what would no longer work and what direction we wanted to go. Listening to others present their ideas and having them listen to ours really helped us separate the wheat from the chaff.”  

Their favorite part of the program was having the chance to rethink what worked and what didn’t and where they wanted to go to evolve the business and look for new customers.  They credit the  support of their mentors as an essential part of this journey: “Having meetings where we could hash out details quite a few times as we worked through the bulk of our materials allowed us to move to conclusions faster by ten-fold.”

The Eworkstyle Institute is going into its fourth year of providing training and workshops. More importantly, its first program has positively impacted the lives of eighteen young adults who have gone to college and now have careers.