Lisa and Patrick Balcom had worked in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years when they decided it was about time they owned their own restaurant. With many farms in the Boulder, CO region, they felt a farm-to-table restaurant would be perfect to showcase their creativity with fresh ingredients. Farow opened its doors in September 2021. 

They said the universe was on their side when by coincidence, they met an EforAll Longmont graduate who had just completed the program and told them everything about the Business Accelerator. “We were just starting to write our business plan when we found out about EforAll, and we had only four days left to apply for the accelerator!” said Lisa. 

Lacking a business background, they looked forward to the classes and the mentorship to finish their plan and put a business plan in place. Lisa said the marketing class was particularly helpful as promoting the restaurant to bring new people in constantly became a big part of her routine. 

Since graduating, more than two thousand people have tasted Farow’s delicious food every month! Lisa and Patrick couldn’t be happier with the success and press media coverage, with more than ten articles published in local news outlets. “The EforAll Accelerator made a huge difference for us. All the connections and resources for small business EforAll has to offer are great!” said Lisa.

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