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Fall River – New Bedford, MA – Mentor

emmett nelson

Emmett Nelson – EforAll South Coast

What do you think makes EforAll special? 

The entire program is fantastic! Helping entrepreneurs from marginalized communities who might not have access or resources to programs like this is amazing!

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Scott Fishman – EforAll South Coast

What advice would you have for entrepreneurs?

“It’s the same advice I give to my students or anybody who’s thinking about starting a business or changing careers,  don’t chase something that doesn’t fit.  Starting a business is hard. You have to wake up in the morning and feel excited about what you’re doing.” 

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Kevin Rose – EforAll South Coast

Is there a specific EforAll Mentor experience you are most proud of?

“I have truly enjoyed each session and cohort member in their own way. What makes me proud above all is to help each of the entrepreneurs get comfortable being creative problem solvers. Each business is different and each problem is equally complex but if I can impart a little knowledge on how to systematically attack a problem, that’s what matters most to me.”

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