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Caroline Laramie

What is Your Favorite Thing About Being an EforAll Mentor?

“My favorite part of being an EforAll Mentor is seeing someone’s passion turn into a reality.  I love seeing the spark that the process gives the entrepreneur. What I will say I was most surprised about though was the spark that it gave me to re-up my own confidence and abilities.  After all, we are all just people trying to make this crazy life work!”

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Miguel Rivera

What is Your Favorite Thing About Being an EforAll Mentor?

“My favorite part is to have the chance to give back to my community. I believe that with my past job experiences, academic preparation and my current experience as an entrepreneur I can share ideas for new entrepreneurs to consider.”

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Sarah Mason

What is your favorite part of being an EforAll Mentor?

“I love the community EforAll builds around its programs. It’s a great network, the events are fun, I always meet interesting people and learn about all kinds of different businesses. Not only are you connected to the entrepreneurs, it builds a strong network of other mentors and professionals in different industries.”

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Kevin Rose

Is there a specific EforAll Mentor experience you are most proud of?

“I have truly enjoyed each session and cohort member in their own way. What makes me proud above all is to help each of the entrepreneurs get comfortable being creative problem solvers. Each business is different and each problem is equally complex but if I can impart a little knowledge on how to systematically attack a problem, that’s what matters most to me.”

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Kevin Oye

What is your favorite part of being a Mentor?

“It’s watching that light bulb moment when an entrepreneur is no longer looking for validation, they simply have an idea and can see the opportunity to advance it.”

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