Caroline became an EforAll Mentor in October 2018.  Her first mentor experience was with Jesenia Morales, founder of  Romeo’s Juice and Smoothies. Mentoring someone like Jesenia was a “great fit”  according to Caroline as not only does she herself have a background in health and nutrition product sales but she was eager to help a fellow single mom get her business off the ground.  

What is Your Favorite Thing About Being an EforAll Mentor?

My favorite part of being an EforAll Mentor is seeing someone’s passion turn into a reality.  I love seeing the spark that the process gives the entrepreneur. What I will say I was most surprised about though was the spark that it gave me to re-up my own confidence and abilities.  After all, we are all just people trying to make this crazy life work!

Is there a specific Mentor experience you are most proud of?

I am most proud of contributing to the professional and personal growth that I witnessed in Jesenia over the course of the mentoring experience.  Like all entrepreneurs, she was super passionate. She was open and ready to receive advice, guidance and constructive criticism. The best part though — she took lots of the advice!  She now has a better understanding of the marketplace and how to navigate it all in order to grow and thrive. I am crazy proud of playing a small role in the actualization of her dreams.

What made you want to become an EforAll Mentor?

I am always trying to empower myself as a woman and especially as a business woman.  It’s a tricky business! When I was approached about mentoring a budding entrepreneur I wasn’t sure I would be paired up with a woman but I knew I’d be helping someone empower themselves.  I knew that helping to equip an entrepreneur with the technical knowledge (aka the boring details of business) would grow their confidence to really launch their dreams. This turned out to be true!  

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

The devil is in the details, right?  I think it’s super important for entrepreneurs to know their market and their target audience.  Do the research diligently and believe the results. Tweak the business plan if it turns out to be different than what you initially envisioned.  Keep detailed records of what worked and what didn’t. The process can be fluid at first and the ability to adapt to what might best suit the success of the business is key to reaching short and long-term goals.  

Are you still in touch with the entrepreneur(s) you mentored?

Yes!  She’s fabulous and I’m watching her growth from afar (social media) and periodic check-ins and meetings.  

What do you think makes EforAll special?  

EforAll is so special! It is a bridge between local businesses and the communities in which they operate.  It provides intelligent, creative go-getters with opportunities that they might not otherwise have. EforAll is supportive through the entire process and filled with compassionate people with one unified goal in cultivating the success of the entrepreneurs.  How cool!