Don Harris’ catering business may have been a casualty of COVID-19, but his passion for barbecue wasn’t. The demand for his delicious North Carolina-style sauces remained strong, prompting him to launch Just Kickin’ It Bar-B-Que in 2023.

Looking to gain business knowledge, Don applied for the Business Accelerator program in Berkshire County. “I needed someone to help me with my paperwork to get my business up and running,” he recalls. 

Don valued the camaraderie within his cohort. Being around other passionate entrepreneurs fueled his motivation. Seeing them persevere provided the necessary push to keep moving forward, especially when he felt overwhelmed and tired.

His mentors were extremely supportive and helpful, offering guidance and accountability. With regular check-ins and “homework” assignments, Don stayed focused and continuously engaged in his business journey.

Harris’ hard work is paying off. His sauces are available online and in local stores, with bigger dreams on the horizon. “I highly recommend EforAll to anyone going through the journey of entrepreneurship. The encouragement and everything you learn is fantastic!” says Don.  

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