The Lynn Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to create a vibrant music scene by supporting local artists and fostering community engagement by offering programs, workshops, and events. Its founder, Edwin Cabrera, was inspired to start this foundation with partner Chris Martin because he saw the talent and needs of Lynn’s artists firsthand while operating his media company.

While Cabrera’s communication skills were strong, he lacked formal business training. Seeking guidance, he applied for the EforAll Business Accelerator program, hoping to gain crucial entrepreneurial knowledge and navigate the challenges of running a non-profit organization.

Through classes, Cabrera gained a deeper understanding of his organization’s strengths and weaknesses. The mentorship experience was particularly impactful, providing personalized feedback and helping him benchmark his progress against other entrepreneurs. “I really enjoyed sharing perspectives and getting to know the cohort,” he recalls. 

The future looks bright for Lynn Music Foundation. After a successful year, the organization signed a five-year extension on office space and is generating over six-figure revenue between grants, fundraising, and ticket sales. Some of their partners/clients include the Lynn Museum, the Boys & Girls Club,  Inc.Ubate, and local colleges that host their theater productions there. 

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