Sharlene Paul founded Mocha Wellness Center in 2019 to address the under-representation of people of color in wellness spaces. She combined her passion for yoga, massage therapy, and holistic well-being to establish a diverse one-stop shop open to all.

She applied for the South Coast Business Accelerator, seeking strategies to take her business to the next level. “I wanted to know how to take it to the next step, learn how to ask for funding, go out there, and pitch my business more professionally,” said Sharlene. 

Through EforAll, she gained insights into various aspects of business operations, from insurance to trademarking. At the time, Sharlene juggled a full-time job alongside her growing business. The online class format proved to be a game-changer, allowing her to participate in the accelerator despite her busy schedule.

Since graduating from the program, Mocha Wellness moved to a larger space with six different treatment rooms. Sharlene was able to double her income in 2023 and is confident she can dedicate herself to the business full-time soon. “EforAll turns someone who has no knowledge of the business world into an established owner who’s confident and knows how to talk to other people and ask for what they need. “

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