Herbivore Patisserie is a 100% vegan cottage bakery in Cape Cod. Brandy Walsh, the founder, was already a licensed cottage bakery offering traditional, keto, gluten-free, and vegan desserts. She recognized the lack of vegan options on the Cape, so she rebranded and went completely vegan. 

Initially hesitant, it took her three years to follow the advice of a mentor and apply for the Cape Cod Business Accelerator. “After quitting my day job to focus on the bakery, I  really wanted to understand the fundamentals of running a business,”  said Brandy. 

The program addressed both business fundamentals and personal growth. She gained valuable skills in marketing and customer base identification while conquering her fear of public speaking. Her favorite part was connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, forming lasting bonds, and sharing valuable experiences.

Since graduating from the program, her business has grown exponentially! She recently launched a dessert ATM at the local mall and was featured in the Cape Cod Times and VegOut magazine. Brandy couldn’t be happier saying, “Eforall was life-changing! It gave me the knowledge I needed to grow and sustain my business and encouraged me to push past my fears of failure and strive for success! 

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