A long-time ice cream lover, Monica Ferracioli, unexpectedly developed a sensitivity to it. She wouldn’t give up on her beloved treat and started experimenting with some vegan recipes, which sparked her vision for Sorbae Frozen Treats. Her artisanal products are made with fresh ingredients, without added refined sugar, and have globally inspired flavors. Sweet corn and creamy guava, for example, are flavors she used to enjoy growing up in Brazil. 

Monica was no stranger to EforAll, as her husband is a 2016 alum. She had been to many EforAll South Coast events and had seen the entrepreneur’s progress, how immersive the Business Accelerator was, and how much support the entrepreneurs received.  She applied for the program hoping to narrow down a path to growth for her business and gain self-confidence. “I’m shy and an introvert, so I was hoping to step outside my comfort zone by exercising my networking muscle,” said Monica.    

Even though she considers herself a disciplined person, Monica said that the program provided her with structure and a framework to utilize whenever she’s faced with a challenge. The support of her mentors, who had different backgrounds and brought different perspectives to the table, helped her refine her next steps and discover new ways of moving forward. 

Sorbae finished their 2022 season with a strong 50% sales growth.  The company was also featured in two local media outlets, which helped her establish a valuable wholesale partnership. In 2023 Monica is planning to expand and move into a new permanent location. “I would absolutely recommend EforAll to anyone determined to make their dreams come true. No matter what type of business or non-profit, it exposes you to so much knowledge and a network of people who can help you move forward.”  

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