Linda Foinding, founder of Afro Girls Tech, is on a mission to help women from under-represented communities land their dream jobs in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Inspired by her experience navigating the tech industry, Linda recognized the challenges many women face and the lack of resources to support them. The organization offers guidance and mentorship, equipping women with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in STEM careers.

She applied for the Rhode Island  Business Accelerator program to turn her idea into a real business, saying: “I had the mentality of being a worker. I wanted to learn how to be a CEO!” The program provided valuable guidance and mentorship and instilled in her the confidence to take ownership and officially launch her business.

Her favorite thing about the program was the mentorship. The meetings helped her translate her vision into a tangible product and address specific challenges. “My mentors helped me create a story that people can connect with,” she recalls. 

After graduating, Linda launched one of Afro Girls Tech’s main products, a two-day workshop on leadership for black women in STEM. In 2024, she plans to launch online classes and is working on developing new partnerships. 

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