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BlackedOutGame serves community with joy and knowledge of Black history and Black culture

By Nicole Shih, Telegram & Gazette – Januar 31, 2021

Dominique Price believes learning Black history can be a way for people to come together for a good time.

That’s, in part, why the 31-year-old Worcester native created BlackedOutGame, a board game that tests players’ knowledge of Black history and culture.

“People don’t appreciate Black history and Black culture, so I wanted to create a game for everybody, no matter what color you are, to learn about Black culture,” said Price, a graduate of Holy Name High School, where he was a standout basketball player, and UMass Amherst, where he played football. “And for Black people to learn more about their own culture that was never taught in school.”

Price created the game last year during the pandemic, after returning to the area from Los Angeles where he worked as a trainer and model. He also appeared on the dating reality show Temptation Island.


Price said the main goal for the game was not only to celebrate Black culture but to bring joy to players.

“I want the game to bring everyone together, no matter what color you are,” he said. “And to actually learn about the good Black history that we were never taught before in school.”

The game comprises six categories, ranging from topics such as “History” to “Truth or Dance.” Players roll the dice first and start the game with the category they roll. For instance, a player who rolls to brown must pick a card from “History,” where multiple choices and true/false questions are given.

The player next to the one rolling the dice has to answer the question on the card correctly within 30 seconds. If the player answers incorrectly, that player must keep the card. The player with the fewest number of cards at the end of the game wins.

Price researched and selected the questions for the cards. One of the facts he mentioned as surprising was that the phrase “I have a dream” was not part of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s written speech delivered at the 1963 March on Washington.

King improvised that section of his talk after being urged earlier by a confidant to tell the audience about his dream.

While there have been influential black people in Worcester who have impacted the nation and brought honor and pride to Black people, the current version of the game doesn’t include any of them.

For example, Marshall W. “Major” Taylor (1878-1932), the world’s first black sports superstar, also known as the “Worcester Whirlwind,” set numerous track cycling records and won several cycling championships.

Price said future versions may include some local greats, as well as he’d like to create games highlighting the cultures of other groups such as Latinos, Asians and whites.

“This is more than just a game” he said. “My main goal was for people actually to love and learn about Black history, and from here I just wanted to take and keep building on each culture.”

For every game purchased, Price has donated $1 to local organizations. So far he said he has raised $125 for homeless programs in Worcester that provide food, clothing, and toiletries.

He credits EforALL,  a Worcester-based entrepreneurship organization, with providing resources and help starting his venture.