I believe that one of the best ways to help close the opportunity inequality gap and create employment in cities that are economically challenged is to change from the inside. The people who live in these communities know what kinds of businesses will work there. And it turns out that in every community, there are would-be entrepreneurs. EforAll was founded to support these entrepreneurs on their journey.

Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande
President and Chairman of Sparta Group LLC, a family investment office.
Desh, along with his wife Jaishree, provided the initial capital and vision for EforAll.

Who We Are

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) is a nonprofit organization that partners with communities nationwide to help under-represented individuals successfully start and grow a business through intensive business training, mentorship and an extended professional support network.

Our Mission

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) accelerates economic and social impact in communities nationwide through inclusive entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • Without question, our entrepreneurs always come first. All decisions that are made revolve around what is best for the entrepreneurs we serve. 
  • We offer our programs at no charge to avoid any financial barriers of participation.
  • In communities where we offer EparaTodos, EforAll’s Spanish Language Program, we provide all tools and communication to the entrepreneurs in Spanish. 
  • We utilize technology to be efficient but we also see the value in human connection and make sure there is human input through all of our processes, procedures,  communication, and decision making.
  • We prioritize our entrepreneurs’ whole person health and understand that starting a business goes beyond access to business resources. We support entrepreneurs by connecting them to resources they may need to support their wellbeing such as housing, food access, transportation, mental health, etc.
  • We encourage the entrepreneurs that have participated in the Accelerator Program to take advantage of the EforAll and EparaTodos staff and network even after the program concludes.
  • When we see the need, we will advocate for our entrepreneurs at the local, state, and federal levels.  Examples include helping entrepreneurs navigate local permitting procedures, advocating for favorable policies for small businesses and for human rights including underrepresented individuals. 
  • We expect our mentors to follow through with their commitment of time as well as following our code of conduct
    • We seek mentors that understand and embrace our mission and values
    • Mentors are not to enter into any formal relationships (joining a board, investing, etc) with EforAll and EparaTodos entrepreneurs during their one year mentorship commitment
  • Community input on decision making from multiple parties to cut through any inherent bias on individuals.
  • Outreach is done broadly in communities to strive to get representation of entrepreneurs and volunteers that reflect the demographics of the community. EforAll shows up. We take a grassroots approach and physically go into all neighborhoods including community events, churches, barbershops, community centers, etc. We also partner in our communities with organizations that are trusted by residents such as re-entry programs at correctional facilities, housing authorities, cultural groups, etc. 
  • We embrace diversity and inclusivity in the classroom taking the opportunity to learn from one another.  We look to create teachable moments for everyone to learn and grow within the safe space of the program.
  • EforAll and EparaTodos staff always strive to be sensitive and see the human side of the individuals we work with and understand that we all have unique differences. 
  • EforAll provides consistent quality of programs across sites while not compromising specific needs of communities.
  • We strive to hire people connected to the communities we serve.
  • Our local Leadership Advisory Boards are composed of leaders from the community who believe in our mission and values and help us further the work that we are able to do in the community.
  • We leverage technology and internal systems so our staff can maximize their time with entrepreneurs and our communities. 
  • Mentors, specialists, judges, and volunteers that help read applications and interview applicants are from the communities we serve.
  • We offer EparaTodos in communities with a significant percentage of native Spanish speaking residents.
  • We understand that entrepreneurship is lonely so we want to make sure entrepreneurs know they are not alone. 
  • We partner with existing organizations that align with our mission and believe we are all stronger if we work together in supporting the entrepreneurs in the community.
  • We expect our staff, entrepreneurs, and volunteers to be supportive and treat each other with respect and understanding. 
  • We understand and prioritize the power of in-person relationship building.
  • We begin all of our EforAll and EparaTodos Accelerator sessions checking in on how everyone is doing, whether that is sharing wins or working through struggles in their businesses and their lives.
  • EforAll Staff hustles with passion. Although we work in different communities, we stay connected to share learnings, offer help, and support. We are a non-competitive, collaborative, thoughtful team of humble rockstars. No matter what position someone holds, everyone rolls up their sleeves. Don’t be surprised to see our CEO stacking chairs at the end of an event! 
  • EforAll seeks feedback from entrepreneurs, volunteers, donors, and staff regularly and uses that feedback to confirm what is working and what can be improved. We are always open and appreciative of constructive observations and solutions, assuming it’s coming from the best intentions to serve our mission. 
  • We strive to make changes to our technologies, policies, and procedures to serve our mission as effectively as possible. 
  • We welcome “fresh eyes” on our programs to bring in new perspectives.
  • EforAll and EparaTodos Accelerator classes begin with a “check in” to work through struggles but also to applaud “wins” no matter the size.
  • We focus on strengths over weaknesses. 
  • Our teams reflect and communicate about professional and personal goals often. 
  • We are cheerleaders for our entrepreneurs, volunteers, donors, and coworkers. We clap and cheer a lot!