I believe that one of the best ways to help close the opportunity inequality gap and create employment in cities that are economically challenged is to change from the inside. The people who live in these communities know what kinds of businesses will work there. And it turns out that in every community, there are would-be entrepreneurs. EforAll was founded to support these entrepreneurs on their journey.

Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande

President and Chairman of Sparta Group LLC, a family investment office and Chairman of Tejas Networks.

Desh, along with his wife Jaishree, provided the initial capital and vision for EforAll.

Our Mission

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) is accelerating economic and social impact in communities nationwide through inclusive entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • Inclusivity: We believe that aspiring entrepreneurs of all backgrounds should have the greatest opportunity for success
  • Empathy: We honor the challenging path of the entrepreneur and support their success
  • Collaboration: We contribute our individual part to create a greater whole for the fulfillment of our mission
  • Respect: We treat each other honestly and fairly
  • Performance: We measure our results to verify and improve our impact
  • Drive: We encourage new ideas and approaches, and challenge ourselves to continually improve our operations