Ayanna Parrent of B Free Coaching and Wellness is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Fitness Instructor who is dedicated to helping change people’s lives through movement, mindfulness, and fun.

“I offer classes that are accessible to all people and bodies. People come here who would never take a step into the gym, they’re not coming because they love the classes but more so because they love the community.”

Before applying to the EforAll Cape Cod accelerator program, Ayanna was running her business part-time; using shared office space, serving only 4-5 clients at a time, and offering a limited number of classes on the weekend. According to Ayanna, “I already had the idea and it was working out really well but I wanted to learn how to expand.”

It was only when she applied for and completed the EforAll Accelerator program in Fall 2018 that Ayanna was able to make the leap. “If it hadn’t been for EforAll, I wouldn’t have gone out on my own.” says Ayanna.

She is now pursuing B Free Coaching and Wellness full-time and has 6 instructors, 10 classes per week and serves nearly eight times the number of students each week! And Ayanna couldn’t be happier with her success so far, “We’ve increased our revenue, and created a sustainable, profitable new business on the Cape. We’re attracting 15 people for a yoga class on the Cape, it’s unheard of!”

In regard to Eforall, Ayanna says her participation in this program is still reaping benefits. “You get lifetime people you can network with, and you have somewhere to go to ask questions. I don’t know how people can do it without help!”