​Izzi Caplan is a video producer and Communications Coordinator who has been a mentor for EforAll Cape Cod since the fall of 2019. She first heard of EforAll while working at a local public access TV station doing interviews to promote EforAll’s new Cape Cod location. Izzi loves mentoring because it lets her meet people from across the Cape region. Plus, she loves learning about cool new local businesses that are available to her as a Cape resident!

What made you want to become a mentor?

I had done photography for some of the first pitch events and presentations, so I saw how fun and encouraging EforAll was for the participants. When I was asked to be a mentor, I was worried that my age and experience might not be helpful to an aspiring entrepreneur, but the EforAll team convinced me that I could add a different perspective.

Can you give us some examples of the kinds of startups you have mentored with us?

Eco-friendly power washing, at-home senior care, bike tours, and a photography/graphic design studio. All super different, but I’ve really enjoyed them all!

Is there a specific mentoring experience that you are most proud of?

When my first entrepreneur won a prize at the final presentation, he was truly beaming! I knew his business was going to be a success regardless of the prize money, but it allowed him to invest in equipment that could immediately scale up his operation, which was awesome to see.

What are the biggest challenges that women entrepreneurs face?

Unfortunately, I think men tend to be taken more seriously by other men, and women are often judged for being confident and speaking up in the business world. That’s why it’s important to have a diversity of mentors and subject matter experts in a program like this, so women can see themselves in other successful entrepreneurs.

What do you think makes EforAll special?

EforAll brings such a variety of people together, and I’ve seen it create lasting friendships in addition to uplifting local entrepreneurs. It’s an amazing network that wants everyone to succeed.

What advice would you have for entrepreneurs?

Be confident in your mission. Something great about EforAll is that it’s not just about entrepreneurship for the sake of it; it encourages ideas that are positive and important additions to our community. 

Interested in becoming a mentor? Learn more here.