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*Applicants who have raised/ earned profits less than $25K for their idea are encouraged to apply

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1. In less than fifty words, please tell us your idea.
2. Describe the problem and/or opportunity you are addressing.
3. Describe your customer or target audience? please be as specific as possible. How will you reach these people to tell them about your idea?
4. Show how when you're up and going you will generate a profit. If your idea is a non-profit, explain how you will have a diversity of revenue sources. (Describe how your revenues can be higher than your expenses, and explain why and when this will happen.)
5. What work have you done so far on this idea? (talking to potential customers, suppliers, partners, co-founders, etc...) ?
6. What impact do you hope to accomplish with this idea (i.e revenue, profit, jobs, societal benefits, etc?)?
7. If you receive money from the pitch contest, what will you do with the money?
8. What City/Town do you live in?
9. What City/Town do you work in?
10. How did you hear about this contest?